Mat•thi•as Wjst /wiːst/

born 315 ppm in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Worked as photo lab assistant and nurse in Karlsruhe.
Studied theology and medicine in Marburg, Kassel, and Göttingen.
1986 Dr med, 2000 Dr habil. (epidemiology)
Now professor (TU München), group leader (Helmholtz München),
photographer (imago), protestant (ELKB).
Lives in Gröbenzell, married, 2 children.
Loves cycling, travelling and reading.
ONLINE: papers. images. blog. talks. tv. twitter.
BYTES: github. cycleplanner. diplopia. date poll.
FEATURED BY: Science. Deutschlandradio. SZ. SPIEGEL.
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EMAIL: m(AT)wjst(DOT)de